Creating Trust in Healthcare

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About Health Unchained

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What is Health Unchained?

  • With over 100 longform episodes published, the Health Unchained podcast is the one and only show (I hope others will start talking more about these topics) that centers around healthcare projects using blockchain and web3 technologies.  
  • Health Unchained dives deep into the complex social challenges and dynamic value transfers involved in healthcare-related organizations enabled by blockchain technology. 
  • Thousands of people listen to healthcare leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, and medical professionals who share their insights and experience on the podcast.
  • The podcast is available on any podcast player and continues to be a trusted primary source of information for the industry.
  • Health Unchained was listed on HealthTech Magazine's 2021 IT Influencer list

What is our mission?

  • Our mission is to create trust in healthcare.

How big is the market for blockchain in healthcare?

  • The Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Market is expected to grow significantly with estimates widely ranging from $16B to $126B by 2030. 
  • In comparison, the Global Electronic Health Records Market is expected to reach $64B in the same time frame.

Who should care?

  • Increased awareness about existing projects will improve the chances of success for many professionals and students working in this space. 
  • The field needs people with a variety of backgrounds including entrepreneurs, economists, technologists, designers, healthcare providers, patients, policy makers, scientists, and investors
  • Any human who is concerned about the current state of our healthcare and life sciences sectors.

What problems does blockchain in healthcare solve?

  • Many of us have witnessed and experienced the confusion and struggles of dealing with healthcare insurance fortresses, waiting three months to see a specialist, filling out medical paperwork (on actual paper), and digging for old vaccination documents. 
  • Hospitals can't verify your insurance, medical history, and identity without a 3rd party. 
  • Pharmacies need to be cautious about counterfeit drugs and fake prescriptions, especially internationally. 
  • Patients have to believe that their surgeon is truly medically certified
  • All these problems have one thing in common; one or more participating parties who do not have a good way of trusting each other
  • Blockchain alone does not solve all our problems in healthcare but as new governance structures and data ownership models emerge, it can create more trusted ecosystems for other technologies such as AI, telemedicine, and medical devices to ethically improve healthcare. 
Wouldn't you like to make these issues a thing of the past in a more transparent way?

How does blockchain help?

  • Blockchain technology has the potential to create this layer of trust, reducing the friction to participate in a healthcare network
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), and cryptocurrencies provide groups of people with new ways to exchange and prove ownership and value on a distributed public or private ledger.
  • Blockchain-based ecosystems can allow patients to own their own data, removing the shackles that tightly grip the human healthcare experience. 
  • Using blockchain technology will dramatically improve population health management, medical supply chain, health-monitoring devices, genetics research, and other health-related sectors.

How can I help?

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  • Your participation, feedback, and suggestions are always greatly appreciated. 

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